Valentine’s Workshop, “Becoming a Love Magnet,” Offers Fun, Practical Tools to Increase Self-Acceptance and Love and Suggests a New Approach to Those Seeking a Partner for Life

Relationship Coach and Artist JuliAnn Gessler and Nia Black Belt Instructor Laura Bulatao Lead the Afternoon of Self-Discovery

(Saratoga Springs, NY) – A unique Valentine’s workshop hosted by Relationship Coach and Artist Juliann Gessler and Nia Black Belt Instructor Laura Bulatao will offer fun practical tools to increase self-acceptance as well as provide a new approach for those who are seeking a life partner. “Becoming a Love Magnet,” will be held on Saturday, February 9, 2019 from 1:00pm to 3:30pm at Bloom Fitness Boutique, 135 Regent Street (Suite 100) in Saratoga Springs, New York. Those interested are invited to register at or by calling 518.368.5805.

Over the course of the afternoon participants can take part in meditation, visualization, partner and group exercises, art-making and an easy-to-follow dance-based movement created to get feel-good energy flowing.

Gessler is certified as a Conscious Uncoupling Coach and a Calling in “The One” Coach. Conscious Uncoupling helps people navigate the pain and grief of a breakup and move to self-growth, so they can create a beautiful future for themselves and their family.  Calling in “The One” helps people identity and release their inner barriers to love and become magnet to the intimate, committed partnership they desire to create. It is a unique and powerful tool for anyone searching for their soul mate or simply for more love. Both programs were created by Katherine Woodward Thomas, a best-selling author.

Gessler was called to this type of work after going through her own divorce and realizing that the stories that are shared about this topic need to change. She believes people need to move beyond tales of shame, fear and victimization and understand that the experience can be used to expand their capacity to love.

“During the workshop we will look at patterns to identify the barriers you may have to love. We can also help you set an intention for the life you want to create and open your heart to possibility. The power of connecting with others on a similar journey provides strength and inspiration. We will teach you practices you can continue at home after the workshop to further your journey. If you are frustrated that you have not yet found your partner, I want you to know that there are steps you can take to make a change and attract the love and relationship you are seeking,” said Gessler.

Bulatao will co-host the afternoon and will share the joy of Nia with participants. Nia is a holistic movement practice that is based in pleasure and joy. Drawing from the worlds of dance, martial arts, and yoga, Nia includes movements that are flowing, powerful, playful, calming, introverted and extroverted. Every Nia workout reminds participants of their wholeness, asks them to honor their bodies and capabilities as they are in the moment, and encourages them to love and express all parts of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. As a result, Nia dancers can experience more loving, accepting relationships with their bodies and selves, as well as enhanced self-confidence and personal empowerment in all aspects of life.  

“I’m very excited to co-create this afternoon with JuliAnn and all the wonderful participants! JuliAnn truly inspires me in the way she has transformed her life and relationships using the outlook and techniques she will be sharing. Every participant will bring a unique presence and radiance that will add to the tapestry of activities and overall experience. I have no doubt that the results will be magical,” said Bulatao.  

Gessler is also a visual artist and will lead the group in an art project that ties into the theme. “As far as connection to a potential life partner, the steps we will provide do not include external advice about dating and appearance, instead they are methods to help you identify how you have been unconsciously creating barriers to love, so you can make the changes needed in order to attract the partner who is right for you,” she said.

The workshop fee is $35 dollars before February 3, 2019 or $40 dollars after that date.

About JuliAnn Gessler:

Gessler is certified as a Calling In “The One” Coach and as a Conscious Uncoupling Coach. Gessler was called to this work after experiencing her own uncoupling several years ago. Since her successful conscious uncoupling, she has read and studied continuously about love and relationships to understand how to break through the barriers that we have to creating the relationships we desire. Through the Calling in “The One” process she has called in a life partner and deepened and strengthened her relationships with her friends and family.

About Laura Bulatao:

Laura Bulatao is a Nia Black Belt Teacher who has been sharing the joy of movement since 2001. She teaches people of all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Laura’s educational background includes music performance, biopsychology, and law. As a result, her classes are infused with her passionate love and deep understanding of music, her detailed knowledge of human learning, anatomy, and physiology, and her eloquent communication skills. In addition to teaching Nia, Laura has a thriving music studio where she teaches piano and flute to children and adults.