When approached with love, forgiveness and self-reflection, it is possible to create a happy life even after divorce.


JuliAnn is certified as a Calling In “The One” Coach and as a Conscious Uncoupling Coach. Both processes were developed by bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas. JuliAnn was called to this work after experiencing her own uncoupling several years ago. This experience made her realize that we, as a society, need to change the stories we tell about divorce. We need to move beyond stories of shame, fear and victimization and understand that the experience can be used to expand our capacity to love. Since her successful conscious uncoupling, she has read and studied continuously about love and relationships to understand how to break through the barriers that we have to creating the relationships we desire.


Working with JuliAnn and the Conscious Uncoupling program deeply supported my own knowing and the unfolding of a very tender journey. Her attentive, aware listening, compassionate reflection, and kind inquiry helped me navigate territory that was slowly becoming illuminated. Having JuliAnn as a guide and coach through the program brought the material off the page for me and into my heart and life as a book simply cannot, as it cannot offer warm, caring human connection.
Sia, Massachusetts


I really loved working with JuliAnn doing the 6 week Conscious Uncoupling program. She helped me understand myself and take responsibility for my part of my marriage problems. She helped me see that I don’t need to be a victim and can start being a powerful woman.
Mary Lou, New York
JuliAnn was amazing to work with! She was incredibly supportive, respectful, and insightful throughout the weeks of the Calling in “The One” course. Because of her gentle nature and unwavering confidence in me, I truly felt that I could trust her, open up, and make myself vulnerable to her and this process. JuliAnn helped me find the hope and vision for my future, that I was having difficulty picturing on my own. I am so grateful for all of the guidance, support, and clarity that JuliAnn provided. She truly changed the way I am viewing and approaching all relationships in my life going forward, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Kaitlyn, New York