August 15, 10 am, $35 includes all materials and a delicious brunch by chef Anouk Booneman
Spring into Health, Ferry Drive, Rexford, New York 12148

Join me for a workshop in which you will create a personalized piece of art using the kintsugi concept to honor your strong, beautiful heart followed by a lunch poolside (menu TBD).

Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, silver, or platinum. Transformation is not just about putting the pieces of one’s broken life back together, it’s about a total reinvention of self in which our shattered pieces are alchemized into a beautiful, thriving masterpiece. Every experience we have, whether joyful or heartbreaking, can make us stronger and increase our capacity to love ourselves and others.

The workshop will begin with a guided meditation which will help you connect to your heart center and visualize your expanded heart before beginning your painting. JuliAnn will guide you through the process of painting your heart on watercolor paper. You will then rip the heart into pieces symbolizing any heartbreaking and disappointing experiences you have had. Next you will reassemble the pieces and paint the “cracks” with metallic gold paint making the piece even more beautiful than it was when you began. This process is very therapeutic in itself and you will have a beautiful visual reminder of the power of transformation. During the process we will be discussing our experiences and paths to transformation.

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