I am excited to combine my two passions – art and love! I have been creating art since my mom let me finger paint while still in a high chair. I have a BFA in painting from Syracuse University and have been painting and teaching art for over 30 years.

The heart paintings and magnets are an expression of the joy of living a love-filled life which I help people manifest through my coaching practice. Each comes with an inspirational list of ways to create a more love-filled life. They make a wonderful gift for yourself or someone you would like to send love to.

The meditation paintings are named so because of both the process in which they are created and their intended purpose. They are created using many layers of paint, paper, pencil, acrylic mediums and found objects. When I paint, I am in a meditative state and the paintings emerge over time. Because of the many layers and textures in each, they can be meditative to look at as the eye notices and focuses on different details and color combinations.


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