A friend from college (ex-boyfriend) died unexpectedly a couple days ago. I am shocked and grieving. He was a brilliant man with a huge heart. We were together the first 2 years of college when we were discovering who we were and our paths in the world. He had a challenging time figuring how to reconcile his gifts and talents with society’s expectations and definition of success. He left school, navigated some challenges, did some exploring and finished his degree later. When we reconnected years later, I was happy to see what a big wonderful life he had created for himself. I had been meaning to write to him to let him know that seeing this brought me much comfort and hope as I supported and watched my kids go through their own personal challenges navigating their unique paths in the world. I hadn’t gotten around to it yet.
Two things I am thinking about today:
1. When our path crosses with someone, our life is changed in ways that cannot be known at the time. We are all connected and our interactions can have profound effects that we may never be aware of.
2. When we have the opportunity to let someone know they have made a difference in our life, we should not hesitate. I will write the letter I meant to write and send it to his wife trusting that the love with which it is written will have its own ripple effects I will not know about.